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Report: Juventus will get a Carlos Tévez decision by Friday

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

While there's been a lot of talk about who may be arriving at Juventus this summer besides striker Paulo Dybala and midfielder Sami Khedira, chatter of who may be leaving has been there as well. It's not as fun to talk about who might be leaving Turin because a lot of those names are near and dear to our hearts, but sometimes we just have to deal with it.

According to word from a man in the know about a thing or two who goes by the name of Gianluca Di Marzio, we could very well know what the future holds for Juventus' No. 10, Carlos Tévez, in a matter of days at the very most. Considering how the future of Tévez seems relatively uncertain at this point, getting an answer — regardless of if it's good or bad — as soon as possible will be the most important development to date.

After two great seasons in Turin, Carlos Tevez could be leaving Serie A. Juventus is waiting for the striker to inform them of his decision, the club and Tevez's entourage have agreed to meet in person by Friday to find out the final decision. Tevez is being pursued by PSG, Atletico Madrid and Boca Juniors but still has another season on his contract with Juventus.

And for double confirmation regarding this matter...

See? Double confirmation.

While we hear about rumors of Tévez drawing interest from the likes of Atléti and PSG, it's hard to imagine — at least from this person's point of view — to see him go anywhere other than Boca if he does end up leaving Juventus. Maybe that's just me, but the general feeling was that whenever Tévez did leave, whether it was this summer or next summer when his contract expires, it was because he would be heading home to Argentina to be with his family and play for Boca.

Now we just have to play the waiting game. Which, in this case, isn't as fun as waiting for Dybala's move to Juventus was. That was exciting news, This has potential to be pretty unfortunate depending on which direction Tévez goes.

So, until then, I guess we just get to hear about the same potential replacements for Tévez if he does leave this summer.