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Report: Juventus, Leonardo Bonucci agree to contract extension through 2019

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

If the post-Champions League final Juventus news and rumors have told us anything, it's that not only does the club want to add to what it already has, but also keep the current assets right where they are. As much as it is transfer rumor season, it's also apparently contract extension season at Juventus headquarters.

We've heard about the likely deals for manager Max Allegri. And the one for high-sock-clad Uruguayan known as Martin Cáceres. There's been plenty of talk about Claudio Marchisio renewing his deal, too. So, when there's another name that pops up on the list of contract extension candidates, I guess we shouldn't be all that surprised.

Enter Leonardo Bonucci, resident Juventus defender who just so happens to also have a knack for fending off world-be thieves whenever the situation calls for it.

Leonardo Bonucci is part of Juve's long term plans. Today the bianconeri agreed to an extension with the defender after a two hour meeting with his agent in Milano. Bonucci's new contract expires in 2019 and he'll earn €3.5 million net plus bonuses per season. Bonucci will stay in bianconero long term.

(Source: Gianluca Di Marzio)

Good. Very, very good. Very, very, very good.

Bonucci has become a central figure during Juventus' success the past three or four years. This season was especially true, with the Italian international being one of Juve's most consistent performers. And on top of that, Bonucci was one of the best central defenders in all of Europe. Who had that at the beginning of the season, eh? (Maybe some folks, but probably not the majority of footballing fanatics.)

But when you look at how he has progressed and how he has become as stalwart of a defender as Juventus currently has on its roster, why not extend his deal? At 28 years old, Bonucci still has plenty of years left in the tank. And with the way he has played this season and his continued improvement, you can't say he's earned a new deal and a nice raise.

Allegri isn't the only one on the Juventus payroll who deserves a raise for what they've done over the past season.