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Report: Hopeful Juventus meet Sassuolo over Domenico Berardi, Simone Zaza resolution

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

As great as it has been to see Juventus sign Paulo Dybala and Sami Khedira earlier than most teams will even begin their summer transfer business, there are other matters that still need to be resolved. Namely, the statuses of a pair of Sassuolo players, Domenico Berardi and Simone Zaza, who very could well be wearing bianconero in a matter of months.

Both situations are unique — Berardi's currently co-owned by both Juventus and Sassuolo, Zaza was bought outright by Sassuolo last summer but Juventus has the option to buy the striker back if they so please. And both situations are expected to be resolved in the not-so-distant future considering Juventus already has two quick yet important transfer moves out of the way.

We have this update, courtesy of Sky Sport's Gianluca Di Marzio:

Zaza and Berardi could be heading to Juventus. The two clubs met today and the bianconeri is way more optimistic than Sassuolo that they can close the deals for €25 million for both players, at the moment Sassuolo isn't willing to accept players in the deal. However it's possible that Coman becomes the key in completing the negotiation. Juventus is ready to bring Berardi and Zaza back to Turin, more developments are expected in the next few days.

Probably the biggest piece of information out of the paragraph above is the price it will cost to bring Berardi and Zaza to Turin this summer. Just to repeat, that's €25 million for both the talented Sassulo strikers. Not either of them, but for both of them. How much they are individually is already pretty much set in stone, which we won't rehash because it's common logic at this point.

But the fact still remains that Juventus is working to bring both of the young Italian strikers back to Turin this summer. You hear rumors that Juve manager Max Allegri prefers Berardi over Zaza, and that very well be the case. However, seeing as they're two completely different kind of strikers and can serve two completely different kinds of roles, Allegri may as well deem both of them as useful pieces to next season's puzzle.