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VOTD: Every touch from Sami Khedira's first Germany appearance as a Juventus player

Call it perfect timing or just the rare occurrence, but the person writing this post decided to flip on the Germany-United States friendly on Wednesday about 30 seconds before Sami Khedira stepped onto the field. Maybe it was something meant to be. Maybe it was just dumb luck. But as I kicked up my feet, Khedira kicked up some of the turf as he stepped onto the field seconds before the second half got underway.

Yes, now we have a lot more interest in the games that Germany plays. Sorry, but iI's not to watch Manuel Neuer go so far up the field at any given moment he will be forced to be listed as a striker or attacking midfielder. They're essentially all Khedira-related points of interest these days thanks to the 28-year-old German midfielder finalizing his deal to join Juventus earlier this week.

Khedira, whose 2014-15 season with Real Madrid was highlighted by missing time due to injury and not much game action at all when healthy, played the entire second half in Germany's 2-1 loss to the United States. ('MURICA, YO.)

As you can see from the four-minute-long video above, it was very much a typical box-to-box kind of game from Khedira. He contributed defensively with a couple of nice and timely clearances, and then made a handful of long runs forward to get involved in the Germany attack. His big scoring chance came when he saw his headed attempt clang off the crossbar, which could have very well beaten U.S. goalkeeper Brad Guzan if it was on target.

All in all, a pretty solid showing from Juventus' newest midfielder.

And just to keep up with a tradition that dates back much longer than this blog's existence, this compilation comes with questionable music. Can't have it any other way, can we? Nahhhhh.