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Juventus expected to give manager Max Allegri a new contract, nice pay raise

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The summer of contract renewals isn't just for the players who wear Juventus colors every single weekend for the better part of nine or 10 months out of the year. Why not involve one of the main protagonists that helped Juventus get to the Champions League final this season?

That would be the man who screamed a number of things on the sideline in a slick black suit with a Juventus crest on the left side of his chest.

Yes, Max Allegri is expected to be the latest person in the Juventus family to agree to a new contract. Some are saying the two sides are still discussion a deal that will see Allegri's contract extended for another season (and maybe two). Others are saying that Allegri and Juventus have already agreed to a new deal and everything has been green-lighted.


Hey, for all we know, maybe Max did indeed sign his new contract and we just don't know that it's officially official yet. There have been rumors of Allegri getting a new contract for weeks upon weeks now, so this is nothing really new to us, but actually agreeing to a deal is the new part of this equation.

And it's not like Beppe Marotta was denying they're talking to Allegri about a new contract during a ceremony a the Juventus museum on Wednesday...

"We discussed different issues in the meeting. Obviously the most topical are the transfer market, the construction of the team for next year, and the schedule for the training camp. Last but not least, is the contractual aspect. There are no problems on that front. It seems to me that not only has Allegri shown himself to be a good, successful Coach, but I think he's absolutely one of the best Coaches currently working in the world. So automatically we thought of a contract extension. We consider it a formality, and hope to make it official as soon as possible. We didn't dwell on the issue, as there were a lot of things to talk about, then he had to go home."

(Source: Football Italia)

I gotta admit before it might go unnoticed by some, the "then he had to go home" part is pretty great. Beppe is making it sound like Allegri had a curfew to adhere to even before the meeting got underway. "Sorry, guys, the wife and I have dinner plans later, so I have to get going soon..."

But I digress.

Every single thing we're hearing right now points toward an Allegri contract announcement being posted on Juventus' website in the very near future. I had that sense two or three months ago, and it's not like anything has happened to change that notion. And he will have a nice paycheck coming along with it. (Not that he didn't before, but bigger can always be better!) It's not a matter of 'if,' it's a matter of 'when' at this point. That 'when' seems to be awfully, awfully soon.