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Report: Juventus are close to signing Palermo striker Paulo Dybala

Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

It's been a little over a week since there was the report that Juventus put forth an offer to try and sign Palermo striker Paulo Dybala, one of the biggest names on the transfer market these days. A lot has happened during that time span, which is somewhat understandable considering the time of year it is.

Juventus has beaten Real Madrid in the Champions League. They've also wrapped up a fourth consecutive Scudetto last weekend — which certainly was a nice way to go into such a massive European encounter.

But there's also apparently been developments into potentially bringing the 21-year-old Dybala to Juventus Stadium. Not just once a season as a visiting player, but as the latest Spanish-speaking striker to wear black and white. According to multiple media outlets in Italy on Friday, Juventus are getting closer and closer to bring Dybala, the jewel of Palermo's 2014-15 roster, to Turin this summer.

Juventus could close the deal for Paulo Dybala very soon. As we've been reporting for the past few weeks the striker will leave Palermo and Juventus is in the lead to win the race to sign him. As reported by Sky's Luca Marchetti, the Argentine is now even closer to the bianconeri, who have a meeting scheduled with the Sicilian club to go over the final details.


Palermo keeps asking for 40 million euro, but the deal could be closed on the basis of 28 to 32 million plus bonuses which are still being negotiated. At the moment it doesn't appear that players will be included in the deal, although Juve and Palermo will still have to resolve the co ownerships of Goldinaga and Lanini. Dybala is ready to leave Palermo, Juventus could be the next chapter of his career.

(Source: Gianluca Di Marzio)

The €30 price tag was something that Di Marzio floated out there as the initial offer Juventus made a week or so ago. And if Juventus is really able to pay something like €28 or €32 million compared to the €40 million that Palermo apparently want, well then who am I to nit-pick? I know Zamp is going to Zamp, but Beppe will also Beppe — and that means trying to get the best deal possible for those folks in the offices glad in black and white that sign his checks.

If there are no players involved, then this will potentially be the most Beppe Marotta and Juventus has paid for somebody on the transfer market. It will almost certainly crush the €20 million Juventus paid for another young striker, Álvaro Morata in late July last summer.

No matter what, this isn't going to be the last Juventus-related Dybala post we're going to come across over the next week or two. I feel pretty safe in saying that at this point in time. Good news or bad news, that's just going to happen.