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Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba has officially returned to training

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

When it was originally announced last week, the hope was that at the earliest, Paul Pogba would return to training on Wednesday, May 6. That was going to be a big deal considering how much time the French dynamo has missed because of his thigh injury and what Juventus has going right now.

Turns out, didn't even train Wednesday because of their 2-1 win over Real Madrid on Tuesday night, so things had to be shuffled around a little bit. But the fact still remains, somebody very important to the Juventus squad is back.

It might be 24 hours later than we initially thought, but Pogba has officially returned to training with the big group on Thursday. Sound the horns, roll out the red carpet, do whatever you want. The ever-evolving mohawk on the top of Pogba's head — and the immense talent of the player it comes along with — is back on the field.

The only thing left is to make that long-awaited comeback in an official game.

And just for fun, here's the official report from Juventus' website on Thursday afternoon's training session:

Paul Pogba today made his grand return to the first-team squad as the Bianconeri resumed training after enjoying a day off in the wake of Tuesday's 2-1 Champions League semi-final first leg triumph over Real Madrid.

The Frenchman has recovered from the thigh injury picked up in the last 16 second leg meeting with Borussia Dortmund in Germany and joined up with his team-mates for this afternoon's training.

Fitness work, possession and a practice match formed the ingredients of the session, played out in glorious May sunshine.


The return of Pogba to training with all of his fellow Champions League semifinalists raises the obvious question: What's the young man's status for next Wednesday night's second leg in Madrid?

In the build-up to the first leg against Madrid, Juventus manager Max Allegri said that he was hoping to have Pogba back for the second leg — which, luckily for Juventus, is the second semifinal to be played next week. That will allow them to have an extra day to evaluate Pogba's condition and see just where his fitness level stands entering the second leg on Wednesday night.

Who knows, maybe we'll get a Pogba cameo this weekend against Cagliari this weekend. Maybe. There should be no risks taken whatsoever, though. This is Paul Pogba we're talking about here. He's precious cargo.