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Real Madrid issue statement denying reported offer for Juventus' Paul Pogba

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Real Madrid is under the spotlight these days for a a ton of wrong reasons. They just give the pink slip to one of the best managers in all of the world, their president is under fire because it's the latest move in a long list of questionable ones and being linked to just about every player who is being perceived as an improvement to get them back to winning hardware next season.

One of those is Juventus mdifielder Paul Pogba, who just so happens to be a relatively hot commodity these days.

And, in a rather surprising announcement, Real Madrid want you to know they haven't talked to Pogba or any of his representatives about taking the French dynamo from Turin to the Spanish capital. Seriously, club announcement time, boys and girls. Here it is in its entirety:

Following the reports published in the Italian newspaper La Stampa concerning an alleged offer from Real Madrid for the player Paul Pogba, the club wishes to state the following:

Real Madrid have had no contact either with Juventus or the player's agent and, as a consequence, the reports published in this newspaper are completely false.

According to the Managing Madrid folks, this isn't really Real Madrid's cup of tea or modus operandi when it comes to addressing transfer rumors on any single player. It's especially interesting that it comes in regard to Pogba, and also interesting that it comes now considering both the Spanish and Italian press have been talking about Madrid's interest in Pogba for months and months and ... well, you get the picture.

But apparently La Stampa's report earlier this week about Real Madrid offering Pogba a contract with a salary worth €10 million a year was the tipping point and made the club take a stand for a change. Maybe Real Madrid will do this every time there's a crazy transfer rumor out there. (That would be hilarious, by the way.) And while I don't doubt the legitimacy of the statement by Real Madrid, it's not like the press is going to suddenly stop linking Pogba with some of the richest clubs in the world.

We found that out after Pogba signed his brand new contract earlier this season. Heck, Pogba could say he wants to stay for the rest of his career and he'd still be linked to Paris Saint-Germain by the end of the week.