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Palermo striker Paulo Dybala is in Turin for his Juventus medical

Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

The Paulo Dybala-to-Juventus signing is getting even closer to being a done deal and having a red bow on top of it. In a good kind of way, too. Nothing to fear, nothing to worry about from here on out. All we need to do is wait for Dybala to have wires strapped to his chest and a picture of him holding up his new Juventus jersey.

Dybala's move to Juventus is seriously close to being signed, sealed and delivered right now. Like, seriously, seriously close now. Dybala arrived in Turin on Wednesday to undergo his anticipated medical on Thursday morning and put the finishing touches in his big-money move to Juventus. And just to make sure that Dybala-in-Turin is happening, we even have video proof of the young Argentine arriving at his hotel Wednesday night.

There's one disappointing thing in all of this: Dyabla isn't rocking jorts like Álvaro Morata when he showed up at the Turin airport last July. But I guess that's just nitpicking, so I'll be quiet about all of that.

The final number on the Dybala transfer is expected to be around €40 million. The actual transfer fee has been rumored to be anything from €28 million and €32 million, with another couple of million euros thrown in there in the form of player performance bonuses. The last part involves any possible player exchanges. In total, €40 million. That was easy.

Also easy and rather important in all of this? Getting this move done by June 1. Seriously. When was the last time Juventus signed a major, big-money player even before the season was over? We can argue about the money and how much Juve are spending on Dybala, but to fend off competition from Spain, England and Italy to get the 21-year-old striker from Palermo is quite the accomplishment. Especially at this time of the year, too.