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Juventus reportedly closing in on signing Real Madrid's Sami Khedira

This just in: Beppe Marotta likes him some free transfers. Surprise!

Alex Grimm/Getty Images

The last time Juventus pursued a Real Madrid player, it was a long and drawn out process that took months to complete. The long-awaited signing of Álvaro Morata has turned out to be a great one, but it took a whole lot of time — some of that probably because Juventus needed to, ya know, replace a manager — and much more than anybody anticipated.

The same can't be said for Juventus' heavily-rumored deal for Sami Khedira.

We've gone from "interested in signing Sami Khedira" to "Juventus are getting close to signing Sami Khedira" in all of, oh, about three or four days. That's it. Every new day brings something that could be looked at as a step forward for Juve actually signing the German midfielder on a free transfer. Not some incredibly boring process that leaves us relying on Tuttosport for something that resembles information on a daily basis.

Take what Gianluca Di Marzio had to report on Tuesday:

The only thing missing is the midfielder passing a medical, which he'll likely take in two days. After the medical exams the final decision will be made, Khedira could be an important addition for Juventus.

Let us not for the record that this is also what the Gazzetta dello Sport is telling us, as the good folks at Managing Madrid have pointed out on their site. (Which makes sense considering he is technically still under contract with the club that continues to have a revolving door when it comes to their manager. Sorry, Carlo.)

So all that is needed is for Khedira before he signs is a medical? Well, I would say that's a pretty fast and rapid development in terms of how this has become more than just a transfer rumor. The medical is clearly going to be a huge thing that the deal to bring Khedira to Turin hinges on considering how the last 12 months has been for the 28-year-old German.

If that goes well, then I guess we should consider the move for Khedira good to go. Why? Because if Khedira gets the green light on his medical, then moving to Juventus on a free transfer will continue to be an annual tradition for Beppe Marotta. Gotta keep that thing going, right? They've worked out pretty well, too.