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Paulo Dybala: 'Juventus are the side that wanted me most'

Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

Ever since Paulo Dybala and his representatives said that the 21-year-old Argentine's preference was to stay in Serie A, the chances of him joining Juventus certainly improved a points prior to his statements. And as the negotiations evolved, it only became that much clearer that Juve were not only a legitimate option, but Dybala's No. 1 destination preference.

The feeling turned out to be mutual.

It's just about time to trade in that pink jersey for a bianconero one, Paulo.

Dybala — who has long been rumored to be just a medical and a signature away from officially signing away from being a Juvenut player — confirmed on Sunday that he will be a member of the Bianconeri next season. Not that it's a surprise at this point, really, considering that the young striker's rumored move from Sicily to Turin has been pretty much a done deal for days now.

"Juventus are the side who wanted me the most," the 21-year-old Argentine told Sky Sport Italia.

"They made a real effort to sign me and this is why I made my decision. I can certainly win the Scudetto there, as they are a winning team. I too always play to win and can find success with them.

"It will be impossible for me to forget everything I've experienced in three years at Palermo. I was happy from the very first day.

"I know that to play for Juve, I have to do much more and I'm sure I can improve a great deal."

(Source: Football Italia)

Dybala is obviously a good player now, but to hear him say that last part is pretty nice. Juventus are going to be sending a lot of money in Palermo's direction, and there will undoubtedly be pressure on Dybala to perform and try to make that big transfer fee seem like a worthy investment.

But there's no doubting Dybala — who has scored 13 goals and dished out 10 assists this season — will be entering just about as good of a situation as he could when his move to Juventus becomes officially official later this summer. That will undoubtedly help in the transition from Palermo to Champions League football with Juventus. And when you're playing alongside guys like Carlos Tévez, Álvaro Morata in attack, Arturo Vidal, Claudio Marchisio, Andrea Pirlo and Paul Pogba in midfield, you know you're going to have a lot of help along the way.

So now we don't need to wonder who Juventus' first summer signing will be because he's already here. Well, not technically yet, but it's just a matter of time before all of that official stuff happens. As far as we know, it's just a medical and contract signing away from being the real deal. And once that happens, then wonder about the next signing.