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Juventus 3 - Napoli 1: Initial reaction and random observations

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Regardless of the result, it was going to be a party at Juventus Stadium because of what was happening after the final whistle sounded. Win, lose or draw, the Scudetto was on hand and prepped for the post-game trophy presentation in which Juventus would be covered in even more confetti than they were a few days ago after winning the Coppa Italia.

So much confetti. Oh so much confetti.

But you know what made it better?

A convincing win over Napoli to put the cherry on top. That's exactly what happened, as Juve recorded a 3-1 win over their rivals from the south to close out the home portion of the 2014-15 Serie A season. Goals from Roberto Pereyra, Stefano Sturaro and a stoppage-time penalty kick from Simone Pepe closed out Juve's home account, one that has undoubtedly been a massive reason why Juventus lifted the Scudetto for the fourth time in as many seasons after the game.

So, as we get ready to enter the 2015-16 season in three or four months, this is what Juventus' home form is going to look like. I'm just going to go out on a limb right now and say that's incredibly impressive.

Twenty-three goals conceded in their last 47 home games. That's something that makes this former goalkeeper smile. And sure it makes Juventus' current goalkeeper and captain smile as well.  You know what also makes Gigi Buffon happy? Lifting the Scudetto over his head.

Just to add to that, Juventus is closing the season on an eight-game unbeaten run in competitions after losing 2-1 to Torino in the Turin Derby last month. That includes two games against Real Madrid, the Derby d'Italia, the Coppa Italia final and now a win over Napoli.

Yep, the same Napoli team that desperately needed to win in Turin on Saturday to have any kind of hope of getting the third and final Champions League spot next season.

And while it was Sturaro who was the one who scored the eventual game-winning goal and subsequently karate kicking the crap out of his goal celebration, it was Buffon who gave Juventus the chance to even win the game. Crazy save after crazy save Buffon made — including the penalty that lead to Napoli's lone goal — in quick fashion. It was only fitting that on his 900th career appearance as a professional, Buffon was instrumental in another Juventus victory.

Even a Juventus team that was filled with reserves.

Although, some of Juve's reserves aren't even close to being reserves.

They showed that against Inter last weekend and they showed once again in Juventus' home finale against Napoli.

Then they celebrated with the Scudetto. Sounds like a nice little Saturday, if you ask me.

Random thoughts and observations

  • Both of Juventus' first two goals against Napoli were just so pretty. So, so pretty.

  • The creator of the first goal, Kingsley Coman, had easily one of his best games in a Juventus shirt. The young Frenchman was everywhere, creating all kinds of trouble for the shaky Napoli defense. It's the kind of game that makes you think Coman could have — and maybe should have — gotten more playing time this season. Obviously that can't be changed no so late in the season. But to see him playing so well alongside Álvaro Morata gives plenty of hope for what might develop in the future.

  • So, so happy Kwadwo Asamoah was able to play a full 90 minutes after being out for such a massive amount of time. We hadn't seen Asamoah on the field in a Juventus jersey since Juve beat Olympiakos in the Champions League group stage at the beginning of November. Just think about how much has happened — both good and bad — since that game. 

    (For the record, it was a weak handball call, too.)

  • Angelo Ogbonna celebrated his 27th birthday on top of another Scudetto on Saturday. And like Coman, he played pretty darn well in the process.

  • Watching Sturaro play well virtually every time he steps onto the field makes the decision to end his loan spell at Genoa early and bring him to Turin in January even that much smarter. That goal was a thing of beauty, and he just continues to be an absolute battering ram in the center of the park. He didn't have the Arturo Vidal-like tackle numbers, but he was his usual endless motor self. Props for the goal celebration, too.

  • Games where Juventus players can bring their kids on the field will always be good days. 

  • At times I couldn't tell which team was the one who had nothing truly to play for and which one was trying to get back into the top three in the Serie A standings. Juventus definitely didn't just coast through this game and then turn things over for the Scudetto celebration.

  • It would be wrong of me not to acknowledge the wonderful tribute the curva had for the 39 victims of the Heysel disaster. A great touch from a great crowd at Juventus Stadium.

  • Rubinho has now taken part in more Scudetto celebrations (3) than games he's played in (2) since coming to Juventus. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

  • Exactly two weeks to go before that game in Berlin. Not that I'm counting down or anything.