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Sassuolo's Simone Zaza '80 or 90 percent likely to play for Juventus' according to his agent

Mario Carlini / Iguana Press/Getty Images

When you talk about Domenico Berardi, it's only natural that something about fellow Italian and Sassuolo teammate Simone Zaza is quick to follow. It's like the unwritten rules of the soon-to-be transfer season. First comes Berardi news, then there will be something about Zaza.

So, a little bit after the Gazzetta dello Sport reconfirmed to us all how much it will cost to buy the second half of Berardi's contract and the player himself saying he thinks he will stay with Sassuolo, Zaza's agent has spoken about the status of his client. And here's a hint: It involves Juventus.

"Conversations between the clubs have already taken place and there is no negotiation to have - we're just talking about continuing on the same road and I believe that Simone is 80-90 per cent likely to play for Juventus next season," agent Christian Maifredi told Gianluca Di Marzio.

"It will take a little time to clear everything up. At the end of the season Juventus and Sassuolo will meet to discuss the situation of Zaza and Berardi.

"Let's see if we will proceed on the path already mapped out last January, when Simone was really close to moving to Turin. At that point Sassuolo's relegation trouble and the veto of [Eusebio] Di Francesco blocked a transfer."

(Source: Football Italia)

It's long been talked about Juventus having a buy-back clause in the weeks and months following Sassuolo buying Zaza's contract outright last summer. And even then, this past January Zaza was reportedly considered as a possible replacement for the MLS-bound Sebastian Giovinco before Juve decided to bring Alessandro Matri back to the club on loan from Genoa (and AC Milan).

The desire to bring Zaza — who has scored nine goals in 29 Serie A appearances this season — to Turin hasn't died down based on what his agent has said Monday.

We already know Paulo Dybala is making his way to Turin from Palermo this summer. Is there room for Zaza as well? Obviously somebody will have to be leaving since Dybala is coming into the picture. And if Zaza is the next player added to the striker ranks, that means another player will be on the way out if Juventus want to keep the amount of strikers at five as is normally the case.

Hey, we're talking about the look of next season's roster already. Summer must be right around the corner. Isn't that exciting?!