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Report: It will cost Juventus €15 million to sign Domenico Berardi before June 10

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

No matter who Juventus signs or how much money they truly have to spend this summer, one of the biggest things happening this summer in Turin will be the status of young starlet Domenico Berardi. He has been for the past 18 months or so since he made his Serie A debut and went on to score goal after goal after goal.

For as impressive his first season in Serie A was, Juve decided to keep him at Sassuolo for another season. The kind of production hasn't slowed down, either, as he moved into the top 10 on the Serie A scoring chart with a hat trick against Milan on Sunday. And just like last summer, the dance of where he will be playing his football during the next season is quickly approaching.

At least we know what the price will be to bring Berardi to Juventus this summer. To the Twitter machine!

For the non-Italian-speaking folks out there, it's pretty much what the headline above says. There is a June 10 deadline for Juventus to agree to the €15 million price tag and sign the second half of Berardi's contract. After June 10, that price will only increase. (Get him while he's cheap!) And with co-ownership going away in totality once the season ends, there will be hundreds of players awaiting to see what happens and where they will be playing the 2015-16 campaign. Berardi will be one of — if not the — biggest co-ownership deal to resolve.

Could Juventus buy his contract in full and then send him right back to Sassuolo for another season on loan? I wouldn't rule it out. I might not like it, but I won't rule it out at this point — especially when you think about what Berardi himself said over the weekend about his immediate future. It makes sense considering Sassuolo has been so good to him and vice versa. Maybe another club is in the running for Berardi to spend a season at, but that seems to be if something goes down to rock the fine working relationship between Juve and Sassuolo.

This is just the start of what will be an incredibly interesting three or four weeks leading up to the June 10 date on the calendar. And that's not even including what is happening in Berlin just a few days earlier.