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Palermo manager Beppe Iachini says Paulo Dybala 'is a Juventus player'

Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

We've heard all the reports by now. At some point in time over the last couple of days, every single Italian media outlet has said that Palermo's talented 21-year-old striker Paulo Dybala is on his way to Juventus.

All that we've heard from the Palermo is the statement that selling Dybala was 'in the final phases' about a week ago.

Until Sunday, that is.

"Paulo Dybala is now a Juventus player," confirmed Palermo Coach Beppe Iachini.

The Argentine was again left on the bench for today's 1-0 win away to Cagliari, as President Maurizio Zamparini doesn't want him to get injured.

"Dybala is now a Juventus player and this club is working towards the future," Iachini told Sky Sport Italia.

The deal is believed to be worth €40m between cash, performance-related bonuses and player exchanges.

(Source: Football Italia)

Ah, definitive word. It's such a wonderful thing. Not that we didn't know it already, though.

Dybala to Juventus is happening. This is about as official as official gets without Beppe Marotta standing in front of media members' microphones and definitively saying "Yo, fools, we just signed Paulo Dybala for a lot of money. I'm the king." Palermo not playing Dybala the last two games was a pretty big hint something was going down shortly, and with Iachini saying what he did after their game on Sunday is basically the confirmation to what we already knew.

Not that it's a bad thing.

The only thing to actually wait for now is how the official deal is constructed. How much cash is actually going to Palermo, what the performance bonuses are and which players are headed to Sicily as part of the deal. The rumored transfer fee has been anything from €28 million to €32 million depending on what Italian media outlet you read.

The one fact we do know: Paulo Dybala is going to be signing a contract with Juventus shortly.