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Carlos Tévez will not be leaving Juventus this summer

Carlitos will play out his contract

Michael Regan/Getty Images

If Juventus striker Carlos Tévez was unclear that he would still be in Bianconeri colors next season, surely going through to the UEFA Champions League Final would have dissipated any lingering doubts.

Tévez has long stated his aim to end his career at hometown club Boca Juniors in Buenos Aires. Though his contract runs through to the end of the 2015-16 season, there were rumors that the Argentine would like to return home sooner than later to end his career there. However, recently his agent Adrian Ruocco stated that Carlitos would honor his agreement with Juve before moving on.

"The only guarantee is that Tévez wants to respect his contract with Juventus. We want to avoid further pressure on Tévez in a decisive moment of the season for him and Juventus.

"As everyone knows, Tévez will end his career at Boca, there are no doubts about that.

"However, he will return later on and we still need to see when, because he has a contract to respect. As of today, that contract is to 2016."

Juventus will play Boca Juniors in a friendly game on June 18th at Juventus Stadium, with the clash being billed as the UNESCO Cup and all the proceeds from the fixture going towards charity. During the announcement for the game, Boca director Enzo Pagani stated that his club would respect Juventus and Tévez' wishes, while the door to Boca would always remain open for El jugador del pueblo (The player of the people).

"It was reaffirmed to us in Buenos Aires again yesterday that Carlos has a contract until 2016 and Boca respect other clubs. We cannot do anything to interrupt this contract in advance.

"If, once that agreement has expired, Carlos is available then we will all be delighted to welcome him to the Bombonera, which is his home. But it won't be before."

But the ultimate confirmation came yesterday after Juve's heroic showing against Real Madrid, who they beat 3-2 on aggregate to confirm a date with another Spanish club Barcelona in the final of the Champions League. Speaking in the post-match interview where he lauded coach Max Allegri's spot-on tactics, Tévez laid to rest any questions about his immediate future.

"I'm staying in Turin," he said. "Definitely."

Rest easy this summer, Juventini, Tevez should still be with us next season.