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Report: Juventus close the deal for Palermo striker Paulo Dybala

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

The feeling of many was that when Juventus concluded the second leg of its Champions League semifinal against Real Madrid — win or lose — then the club's attention would turn to wrapping up the rumored signing of Palermo striker Paulo Dybala. Turns out, that is exactly what is happening.

According to reports out of Italy, Juventus, Palermo and Dybala have all agreed to a deal to bring the 21-year-old to Turin next season. The deal comes after Juventus and Palermo struck a deal, while the four-time Italian champions also met with Dybala's agent in Turin to hammer out the final numbers of the personal terms.

And the contract details, Gianluca?

Here's the English version if you're tired of reading tweets in Italian:

Juventus has reached an agreement to acquire Paulo Dybala. Today's meeting between the club and the player's agent gave the expected results- Dybala will sign a 5 year deal with annual salary of 2.2 million euro after taxes plus bonuses, the annual wages will go up over the life the contract.

(Source: Gianluca Di Marzio)


Along with the personal terms of the contract being finalized, it is expected that the deal involves a €28 million transfer fee that comes with about €8 million in bonuses, a player currently co-owned between Palermo and Juventus — defender Edoardo Goldaniga — and another one to be named later when the deal becomes official. Basically, that €40 million price tag that Palermo President Maurizio Zamparini was demanding for Dybala could be made up in a variety of ways depending on how those bonuses are worked and subsequently reached.

Dybala is currently tied for seventh in Serie A (with former Juve striker Fabio Quagliarella) with 13 goals on the season. He is also tops in the league with 10 assists, playing a role in some shape or form officially in 23 of the 48 goals Palermo have scored in their first season back in Serie A.

Is that good? Yeah, that's good.

I have to say, for Juve to make the Champions League final one day and less than 24 hours later put the finishing touches on your first big signing of the summer, that's a sign you're having a pretty good week. Say what you want about the transfer fee or what have you, but Dybala was clearly a player Juventus wanted and a top priority, and now they've (reportedly) gotten his deal done weeks before the summer transfer window even opens. That's impressive.