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Palermo say they are in the 'final phases' of selling striker Paulo Dybala

They said it themselves, so it must be true!

Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

The wheels have been in motion for weeks now when it comes to Paulo Dybala leaving Palermo. We know Palermo want to sell and sell for a big-time price. We also know that Juventus are very well interested in the 21-year-old Argentine striker who has had one hell of a fine season in Serie A this year.

But Sunday brought the first definitive word that something Dybala-related is about to go down.

Earlier this week Palermo's president Zamparini stated that he had told coach Iachini to stop playing Paulo Dybala because he was on the verge of being sold. Today the Argentine striker isn't starting the match against Atalanta, this is what Palermo's director Baccin had to say about the situation to Sky Sport:"Dybala sale? We are in the final phases, in the next few days the president will give all of the information"

(Source: Gianluca Di Marzio)

I guess we can take this as Palermo trying to strike while the iron is hot, right? There's no better time to sell than now, apparently.

At this point, if Dybala is going to stay put in Serie A for the foreseeable future, all signs point to him joining Juventus this summer. The good thing is, if Palermo's DS stays true to his words from earlier on Sunday, that we will know in a matter of days rather than having something long and drawn out that takes months to complete. No drawn out sagas like with the signing of Álvaro Morata from Real Madrid last summer. Nothing even close to that in this case, really.

According to reports out of Italy earlier in the week, Palermo president Maurizio Zamparini was still hoping to get close to €40 million for the in-demand Dybala. However, Juventus reportedly countered with an offer in the range of €28 million to €32 million. That may be enough to get the job done considering Dybala's preference is to remain in Italy and Serie A.

The best chance of that happening is at Juventus. And if Juve can fend off the Premier League likes of England's Big Four, then this summer's first signing will be completed weeks before the summer transfer window even opens.