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Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba could return to training as early as Wednesday

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

We haven't seen Paul Pogba wear a Juventus jersey in just about six weeks. Juventus have been able to survive without their 21-year-old French superstar, but the only Pogba sightings have provided a look into his fashion choices off the field more than anything else.

On Thursday, Juventus provided the first legitimate Pogba injury update since he was ruled out for close to two months back in the middle of March. The official statement, courtesy of Juventus' website:

The MRI scan taken by Paul Pogba this afternoon revealed that the player has made further progress in his recovery from a torn thigh muscle.

The player will undergo a personalised recovery regime before potentially returning to full training with the group on Wednesday.

The big development: Pogba will be training with the rest of the squad next week. Wednesday, of course, is the day after the first leg of Juventus' Champions League semifinal encounter against Real Madrid. And in turn, it will undoubtedly set off a wildfire of speculation from media outlets all around Europe — especially those in Italy and Spain — about the status of Pogba in the immediate future.

You know, like said sports papers throwing out the No. 1 question everybody wants to know, "Will Paul Pogba be healthy enough to play in the second leg in Madrid?" (Sorry to break the news early, but that's just reality.)

It's a valid question considering we know when Pogba will be returning to full training if everything goes according to plan. The original diagnosis of 50 days on the sidelines is pretty much right on track at this point. So, if anything, today's medical update says that Pogba is right on track to be back in the near-two-month window Juve originally laid out there.

It just so happens that now, there's a Champions League semifinal to think about, too. Not exactly something that might have been a huge possibility when Pogba was originally ruled out for so long.