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Open Champions League Semifinal Draw Prediction & Watch Thread

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

The road to Berlin just so happens to be going through Turin this season.

(You see, that  kinda rhymes, which is cool.)

Just like was the case after Juventus' second-leg dismantling of Borussia Dortmund, we await the Old Lady's next opponent a mere two days later. It's Champions League draw time once again, kiddies, so gather around the table and pull up the UEFA website to watch the online stream. Or, if you are lucky enough to have it broadcasted to the comfort of your own home television, then kick your feet up and watch 90 minutes of pomp and circumstance before the beginning of what we're all here for.

It's a draw day — or middle-of-the-night for a select portion of us — again!

So, in case you've been living under a rock or listening to Paolo De Ceglie's latest mixtape, here are the four teams that have qualified for the Champions League semifinals:

  • Real Madrid (La Liga)
  • Barcelona (La Liga)
  • Bayern Munich (Bundesliga)
  • Juventus (Serie A)


Hey I know that last team! They might have played like crap to get to the Champions League semifinals, but they're here and ready to find out their next opponent.

There's no easy ones at this stage of the game. And you would have to think that Juventus will be the underdog no matter who they end up being drawn against. That's just the nature of the beast — especially at this point in the competition with the elite or Europe's elite just a ping-pong ball away from being selection.

We just got done with Juventus' biggest game in years. But guess what? There are a couple more right around the corner with an opponent that is to be determined quite soon.

Oh what kind of fun this time of year can be — and it is.

So I pose these couple of questions to the faithful: Is there any team you want Juventus to face? Is there any team you don't want Juventus to face? You only have three to choose from, including the last two Champions League winners. Ah, it's fun to be back in the round where you can count potential opponents on one hand.