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Carlos Tévez's agent: He will respect his contract with Juventus

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

For some odd reason — be it something unknown yet legitimate or just a complete boredom in the Italian press — Carlos Tévez has been linked with a move away from Turin despite having a year left on his three-year contract. No signs from Tévez himself that he'd head back to his hometown club, Boca Juniors, earlier than expect. Just ... talk.

Here's some more talking. Instead, it's from Tévez's agent, Adrian Ruocco, who seems to be growing quickly tired of the talk that his client is going to bolt for Argentina while having oh so much success with Juventus the past two seasons.

"Enough, he is playing with the sentiments of the fans, as much the Boca supporters as the Juve ones. The only guarantee is that Tevez wants to respect his contract with Juventus. We want to avoid further pressure on Tevez in a decisive moment of the season for him and Juventus. As everyone knows, Tevez will end his career at Boca. There are no doubts about that, as he is getting a house built, has decided to invest in his country and wants to be near friends and family. However, he will return later on and we still need to see when, because he has a contract to respect. As of today, that contract is to 2016."

(Source: Football Italia)

Tévez returning to Boca was always going to be in play from the day he signed with Juventus in the summer of 2013 following his move from Manchester City. It's a foregone certainty like hometown favorite Claudio Marchisio retiring in a Juventus jersey or Sebastian Giovinco not being tall enough to ride the adult rides at the upcoming carnival. These are things that are as easy to figure out as anything there is in the world today.

But there was plenty of chatter, and most of it has been completely built out of nowhere, saying that Tévez was going to leave town a year early and sign with Boca this summer.

The reason why that's hard to believe? Just go ahead and watch Tévez play his football these days. He's been fantastic this season and last. He's scoring goals at an amount that he hasn't matched in years. He's getting ever so close to being the first Juve player to lead Serie A in scoring since the last guy who wore the No. 10 jersey did it almost a decade ago.

And, above all else, he seems genuinely happy on the field. A lot of that has to do with his personal success, but also the abundant amount of winning Juve has done since he put on those fancy black and white stripes a little less than two years ago.

So now we have the confirmation from somebody as close to Tévez as it gets outside of his wife, kids and/or parents that the star striker won't be going anywhere anytime soon. That means we get another year of Tévez in bianconero as well as plenty of time to figure out what to do when the post-Carlitos era actually gets close.