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Juventus defender Martin Cáceres to undergo surgery after injuring his left ankle

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

With the schedule getting busy again, Martin Cáceres was due to play a good chunk of minutes the next few weeks. That's no surprise given the tactical flexibility he gives to Juve manager Max Allegri, who has used Cáceres on the right side of both a three- and four-man defense this season.

But I'm not here to praise the use of Cáceres. This is a bad news post, one that is likely to be the precursor to even more Cáceres injury news once a timetable of how much time he will miss is actually established.

The official news on what is happening, courtesy of the Juventus website:

Martin Caceres is to undergo surgery after fracturing the malleolus bone in his left ankle during this afternoon's training session.

The defender will be operated on tomorrow, with a prognosis on his recovery time to be established afterwards.

The operation will be carried out by Dr. Flavio Quaglia at Turin's Fornaca Clinic.

The question after reading this is pretty simple: How long will Cáceres be on the sidelines for because of this?

As the Corriere dello Sport points out, this ankle surgery could very well end the season for the Uruguayan defender. If that's the case, it's just terrible to think about. This season, one where he's built off a solid 2013-14 campaign, has been filled with injuries for Cáceres despite all of his standout performances.

But that's also the bad that comes with all the good Cáceres offers. As good of a player he's proven to be, injuries will always be an issue because of how he plays — even in training. And it has cost Cáceres once again. Let's just hope this talk of his season being over is just a bunch of hooey and we get to see the high socks bombing up and down the right flank once again before this season comes to an end in a few months.