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Paul Pogba's chances of staying at Juventus? '99 percent' according to Mino Raiola

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We hear a lot of where Paul Pogba might be going come the summer transfer window. Stories that claim to be in the know or have sources close to the situation. But when it actually comes to what Pogba wants, it seems pretty simple when you think about it these days.

So we ask the question: What does Pogba's immediate future involve?

Well, according to agent Mino Raiola in Sunday's edition of Tuttosport, there's more than a very good chance that it will involve exactly what it involves now — lots of games in bianconero. Let's just read what Super Mino has to say!

"We made a pact with Juve: Paul doesn't have to leave. I spoke to President Andrea Agnelli, directors Pavel Nedved, Beppe Marotta and Fabio Paratici, so they all agree. The club doesn't need the money. At this moment the situation at Juve is ideal for Pogba. We would only leave if a situation emerged that was favourable for all concerned.

"He is wanted by seven clubs and that is certain, because they all told me so. The ones that can afford him are Real Madrid, Barcelona, PSG, Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea. If I just whistled, I'd sell Pogba tomorrow to PSG or City in a heartbeat. But Paul did not tell me to find him another club.

"What are his chances of staying? As of today it's 99 percent. Juve agree with our approach, which is that they will only sell if Paul asks to leave and there's a suitable offer. Of course, it could become one per cent, it depends on the market. For a year and a half Marotta and Paratici have been working on a market strategy, whether they sell Pogba or keep him."

(Source: Football Italia)


For all the B.S. that's out there when it comes to Pogba's future, a lot of people who aren't following Juventus tend to forget one rather important thing — what the player himself wants to do. By every indication, Pogba is quite happy to be playing for Juventus right now. And, to be honest, how could he not be? Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that because at the club that I just so happen to root for. He's got a brand new contract with a big fat raise, he's without a doubt one of Juve's most important players (and that becomes more and more obvious as the games go by), he's on his way to winning a third Scudetto in as many seasons with Juventus and he's beloved by the fans who attend those games.

Understandable now, isn't it?

Yes, Pogba is the eye of every big-spending club in Europe right now. But that's not important to him. There have been hundreds of rumor-mongering stories written about him, yet all he wants to do is stay at Juventus at just continue to ball. He may be 21 years old (for another week), but he doesn't think like one. He's wise beyond his years, and the way he handles his business regarding his career is further proof of that.

In conclusion, Paul Pogba wants to be at Juventus and Juventus wants him there. Sounds like a good match to me.

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