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Open UEFA Champions League Quarterfinal Draw Thread

Alex Grimm/Getty Images

Two days after a thorough dismantling of Borussia Dortmund, Juventus are about to find out their next Champions League opponent. We will have to wait through the explanation, the pomp and circumstance, and everything else that comes with a UEFA-run draw that takes longer to setup than actually give us what we're all watching for.

Prepare yourself, people.

The next set of "most important games of the season" are about to be scheduled.

Quarterfinal draw days is here. And with it, we officially put the triumph in Germany in the past and look ahead to what life in the Champions League without Paul Pogba is all about. I hope it comes close to resembling life with him, but it's not exactly the easiest thing in the world to replace somebody that good so quickly. (No, not even Simone Padoin can do it.)

So, let's review who is here for the taking:

  • Real Madrid
  • Atlétrico Madrid
  • Barcelona
  • Paris Saint-Germain
  • Monaco
  • Bayern Munich
  • Porto

Wait, where are the teams from the Best League In The World™? Oh, that's right...

But I digress.

No team is off limits in the quarterfinal draw. Seven teams are available. There are no rules about country-on-country crime. You could see a Madrid derby, a Clásico, an all-French quarterfinal, all kinds of fun! Some of the teams still in the competition would be the favorites over Juventus, others would probably be the underdogs against the three-time defending Serie A champions.

Which one would you prefer to face with Juventus' European campaign once again at stake?

That's why we're here. Chat about the draw, watch all the stupid video features they have about random things, probably say a cuss word or two while you wait for everything to actually start.

I'll see you all on the flip side.