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Juventus 1 - Sassuolo 0: Initial reaction and random observations

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

And here is Part 23,452 why Paul Pogba is the eye of every single club that can afford him in the world.

In a game that needed something to happen or else Juventus would be sent to their eighth draw of the season in 26 games, there was Pogba, Juventus' 21-year-old superstar French midfielder, to answer the call. His latest leave-your-draw-hanging kind of goal gave Juventus the 1-0 win over Sassuolo in a game that almost seemed destined for a scoreless draw as more and more minutes ticked off the clock.

Pogba. Eleven-point lead atop Serie A. Sounds like a lovely night to put one hand on the Scudetto to me.

It's just the latest piece of evidence as to why so many of us just smile at the possibility of Pogba staying around for as long as possible.Even when his game isn't at his best in recent weeks, he is able to do what he did in the 82nd minute against a Sassuolo side that was primed to steal a point at Juventus Stadium. It went from "another frustrating result for Juventus" to an ugly win with one moment of absolute brilliance.

It wasn't a surprise from who it came from. This is Pogba's world and we're just living in it. You don't have to look far to see who Juventus' most prized asset is. Or why, for that matter.

This is moment, this goal is exactly why. It came at the perfect time when his team desperately needed it.

That's just beautiful. And to think Juventus still have a couple months remaining in the season. Those numbers are bound to rise outside of anything terrible going down. Those goals are bound to be in double digits, and knowing how many crazy things he can pull off to setup teammates, the same can be said for the assist numbers.

One more thing: Remember this quote from Max Allegri's pre-match press conference?

Yeah, I think he'll be pretty happy with it. Although, that Pogba goal was anything but practical for an ordinary human being. Thank goodness Paul Pogba is far from ordinary.

Random thoughts and observations

  • God bless Paul Labile Pogba. Seriously. Bless him for being him.

  • Some quality man hugs going on in tribuna. Plus-11 in the table feels pretty good.

  • BARZA BACK. It's been a long road for Andrea Barzagli since undergoing surgery last summer. His only game time in a Juventus jersey

  • Winning ugly seems to be the route Juventus has taken a good amount of the time lately. Sometimes that will make you want to pull your damn hair out, but that's clearly the fashion that Monday's game was going to have to be won as it went on. I mean, it could be worse. They could be losing and look like crap.

  • Sassuolo were oh so close to getting a point at Juventus Stadium. So very close. Too bad for them that Paul Pogba happened. Luckily for us who wear black and white jerseys with his name on the back, Paul Pogba happened and saved us — and potentially some household belongings — from destruction.

  • There are just some mid- or bottom-table teams that give Juventus problems every season. Let's consider Sassuolo one of those this season. A 1-1 draw to Sassuolo, a hard-fought 1-0 win at Juventus Stadium on Monday. This is Juventus vs. Sassuolo in the 2014-15 season.

  • Sixteen total shots, only four put on frame. That's the Juventus I know and love.

  • WhoScored says Giorgio Chiellini was the Man of the Match on Monday. Agree or disagree?

  • Gotta be honest, being 11 points up feels pretty good, man. Also good to see Juventus take advantage of a slip up from Roma, too.