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Game Time Thread: Juventus vs. Milan

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

Juventus vs. Milan. Bianconeri vs. Rossoneri. Black and white stripes vs. red and black stripes. Good vs. evil. First place vs. ninth place? Yep, that's exactly what Saturday brings us. It's rivalry night at Juventus Stadium.

What will the next chapter in this historic rivalry bring us? Ah, but that's why we sit and watch the game for a couple hours on a Saturday afternoon or evening, right?

Juventus has the chance to push their lead atop Serie A to a season-high 10 points with Roma not playing until the big group of afternoon fixtures tomorrow. As much as Roma has struggled over the last six weeks, having a double-digit lead by this time tomorrow is a pretty decent possibility.

Of course, Juventus will have to take care of their end of business. And that involves beating a Milan side that has had its own share of struggles over the last month. It's caused Super Pippo's job status to come under question mainly because Milan are just a shipwreck right now with no definite end in sight.

You think Max Allegri is happy to be away from all that and in a fairly stable situation with Juventus? I know I would.

So now it's Allegri Against His Old Team Round 2, but this time at his home stadium — one that will be packed to the freaking roof and loud as it can get. No matter how much Milan is struggling at the moment, these are the games that the fans show up for in droves and want to be a part of. To be honest, so do I. Who wants to buy me a ticket? Please?

Feel free to tweet me your answer. I'll be waiting.

Juventus vs. Milan at Juventus Stadium in Turin. What more could you ask for? (Probably a Juventus win, right?)

Starting lineups for both Juventus and Milan will be posted RIGHT HERE when they become available. Are you ready for the tried and trusted Simone Padoin as a starting player theory to be tested? You should, because it's Padoin time.


Juventus XI (4-3-1-2): Buffon; Padoin, Bonucci, Chiellini, Evra; Marchisio, Pirlo, Pogba;Vidal; Tevez, Morata

Juventus bench: Storari, Rubinho, Barzagli, Ogbonna, De Ceglie, Pereyra, Sturaro, Pepe, Coman, Llorente

Milan XI (4-3-3): Diego Lopez; Zaccardo, Alex, Paletta, Antonelli; Poli, Essien, Muntari; Cerci, Menez, Honda

Milan bench: Abbiati, Gori, Albertazzi, Bocchetti, Rami, Van Ginkel, Mastalli, Bonaventura, Suso, Pazzini