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Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti says Álvaro Morata is likely to stay at Juventus

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

It was fitting that the rumors started once Álvaro Morata started playing week in and week out and scoring goals in the process. It was only fitting that Real Madrid would reportedly be interested in the same Morata they sold to Juventus for €22 million not even eight months ago once he started to find the back of the net. This is the life of a player with a buy-back clause built into his contract.

Does that mean Morata, one of Juve's most in-form players over the last six weeks or so, will actually see that clause come to fruition and head back to the Spanish capital in the near future? Real Madrid manager and well known Italian Carlo Ancelotti isn't quite sure that anything will be going down one of these days.

"Morata needed to play. He's a young player who was looking for more opportunities and consistency. He had a lot of offers and he is the one who chose Juve. Morata is a modern striker, who has pace, rhythm and intensity. He is cool in front of goal and is a hard worker. In Morata's contract, Real hold an option to buy back the player but I think he will stay at Juventus."


Here's my opinion: Good!

It seemed like it was only natural that Morata's ascension into the starting lineup and instant uptick in production as the weeks have gone on would kick-start a bunch of stupid, stupid rumors about his future with Juventus. To be honest, that's just what will come with the way the deal with Real Madrid is structured. Reports surfaced earlier this month that Madrid were starting talks with Juventus about bringing the 22-year-old Morata back to Spain.

And even though the buy-back clause is there, hanging over everybody's head in the process, it doesn't mean it has to happen. That's why Ancelotti is saying what he is saying. Morata looked elsewhere to get consistent playing time — even though it took half a season to arrive with Juventus — and the chance to shine away from the club he grew up at.

That chance is now in full bloom, with Morata teaming up alongside Carlos Tévez over the last month and proving to be a very good compliment to Serie A's leading scorer this season. And while he's in great form right now, Morata provides plenty of glimpses to make you think there's so much more to come as he continues to get minutes and sees his confidence grow with every goal he scores.

So, I'll just go ahead and take Carlo's word for Morata's situation right now. Feel free to buy some property in Turin if you haven't done so already, Álvaro. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only person here who will support you sticking around for quite a while.