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Open Transfer Deadline Day Thread

Claudio Villa/Getty Images

Today is the day where the transfer-related madness will end. Well, until the next day or two when all of the rumors we've been hearing about over the last six or eight weeks will suddenly be talked about moves happening in June or July rather than going down in the current winter transfer window.

Until that point, though, the winter transfer window is still open.

And until the window is shut tight until the summer, there will be things happening.

This is the place to discuss everything that is going on. There will be posts throughout the day when Juventus actually make a move. But this is the general place where we can talk about all the comings and goings during one of the more unpredictable days of the football season. Who goes where, what deals go through, what deals fall apart, how many times will certain managers be interviewed from the front seat of their car. You know, the things that really do matter these days.

It's not expected to be an incredibly busy day for Juventus, but there will be things happening. So check the front page of the site as much as you want and see when moves do go down.

So let's get the discussion going: What do you think will be Juventus' end product today? Who will stay? Who will go? How many Padoins will it take to save the world? You know, those types of things that truly determine how great a club can be on deadline day.