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Maurizio Zamparini says Juventus is interested in signing Palermo striker Paulo Dybala

Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

With Palermo earning promotion back to Serie A last season, some of their always-sought-after talent has been able to shine on the biggest stage in Italy. The most beneficial, outside of Maurizio Zamparini's wallet and/or bank account, has been young Argentinian striker Paulo Dybala, who is currently sitting fifth in the Serie A scoring chart.

So when Zamparini was interviewed by Tuttosport on Tuesday, it was only a matter of time before the likely sale of the talented Dybala came up. This is what the Palermo president had to say about it:

"There was no contact with Napoli, but it's true that I've been in touch with [Juventus director Giuseppe] Marotta. He phoned and said: 'President, if you sell him, Juve is here. We are ready to negotiate, and we are very interested in your lad. I told him: Beppe, I'm glad and if I can I'll sell it to you. I'd prefer that, as it would keep Dybala in Italy. But knowing him as I do, I was clear: Don't expect a discount. Remember [Javier] Pastore. But I've already had offers from all of Europe. Chelsea, Paris-Saint Germain, Spanish clubs and other English teams."

(Source: Football Italia)

This is the Zamparini who has fired coaches as often as he changes his underwear. The same Zamparini who is widely considered one of the craziest people — regardless of job position — in all of Italy. And the same Zamparini who just a few days ago said that he "no longer speaks to (Dybala)" because "he has changed completely."

That pretty much tells me one thing: Even before Zamp's outburst, Dybala was as good as sold this upcoming summer.

Does Juventus have a shot? Well, when you throw in some of the big-money European clubs that are being linked to the 21-year-old Argentine, I'm not so sure. But we know Juventus is going to have an influx of cash this summer with the new adidas jersey contract starting and the Champions League money coming in. If this "prefer to keep him in Italy" thing from Zamparini is actually a thing, then maybe there is a chance Juventus can bring him to Turin in five or six months.

Either way, Dybala is going to cost a pretty sizable chunk of change for whichever club ends up buying him over the summer. So let's just remember one thing, okay?

Let's very, very clear right now. That's €30 million in case you missed it. Wanted to make sure we're all on the same page here.