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Report: Juventus beat Roma to signature of Internacional goalkeeper Alisson

Alexandre Schneider/Getty Images

As the next couple of years go by, the "What is Juventus going to do after Gianluigi Buffon retires?" question will only continue to occupy more and more of the discussion. Luckily, with the way Buffon is playing at the age of 37, nobody is doubting that he doesn't at least a couple of really good years left in him.

But there will be a point where Buffon does decide to hang up his gloves, hang out with his kids and enjoy retirement like every legendary Juventus player deserves. When that happens, the question of what the club will do becomes one of their most important decisions in years.

According to the Gazzetta dello Sport, Juventus has another option to add to the post-Buffon ranks, as the club has reportedly signed Internacional goalkeeper Alisson for a fee of around €7 million. The young Brazilian keeper has reportedly agree to a five-year contract.

So now, unless you're an expert in all things about the other Serie A in the football world, "Who's Alisson?" Well, glad you asked, because you're not the only one. So let's just go ahead and check out YouTube to see if there's an Alisson compilation with questionable music accompanying it...

...and there it is. As you can expect, it's a YouTube comp, so that's obviously not the best way to scout a player your club just reportedly signed. Even there's the same kind of video for me, I'd even look like a superstar goalkeeper.

But, even with that being said, we can see that the 23-year-old Alisson does have some talent. He's a big and tall keeper who is rather agile at the same time. Sound like somebody we know already? I think so, but let's not go there just yet.

So if this is the real deal, add another name to the mix of goalkeepers who might replace Buffon. But hopefully we don't have to think about that for a couple more years at least. If San Gigi wants to play until he's 40 at the very least, who am I to disagree with the Greatest Of All Time?