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Domenico Berardi's agent is concerned about the way Juventus has handled some of its young players lately

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

We all know when agents talk to the press, it sometimes doesn't always come as they intended it to when they opened their mouths. By that, I mean we're all familiar with 'Agent Speak,' the thing where their clients are the ones who can do no wrong and a little bit of negotiating in public isn't always outside the real of possibility.

Domenico Berardi is a player we've already paid a lot of attention to over the last year or two. He is a player many hope — and maybe just as many expect — will sign with Juventus come the summer of 2016. However, because of that, Berardi's agent has been talking about the possibility of the 21-year-old playmaker coming to Turin in about six months' time.

Take it as you want. This is what Berardi's agent had to say Monday in regard to his client potentially moving to a big club next season. (Translation: Juventus.)

"In June we will evaluate what will be best way for him to develop: the player is more than ready for the big jump," agent Simone Seghedoni told

"The problem is going to a big club and playing 10 games a year, this isn't something that would suit Berardi.

"For others maybe yes, but not for him. Ten games isn't good. However, if he's a leading player then he will be fine.

"On that point, Juventus or any other team will be taken into consideration. Lately some guys bought by Juventus in June, including Rugani and Zaza, have not played much and this isn't a good sign."

(Source: Football Italia)

Well, let's just go ahead and break this down a little further.

I don't think anybody in their right mind would be happy to see Berardi come back to Juventus, almost certainly after a bunch of money was spent to do so, and sit on the bench more often than not. Maybe not at the same level as Rugani has this season, but having a player with the kind of talent level that Berardi has sit on the bench and make more substitute appearances than starts would be sad, no doubt.

But, with pointing out two of Juve's newest young players who haven't played much this season, Berardi's agent forgot about a couple of the other extremely talented youngsters on Juventus' roster right now who have played a lot of minutes. Paulo Dybala, who just recently turned 22 years old, has arguably been Juve's best player this season after establishing himself in the starting lineup. And Álvaro Morata, who is also just 22 years old, was starting regularly in the biggest games of the 2014-15 season and the current campaign before his dip in form over the last month or two.

Throw in the fact that Zaza is behind Morata and Mario Mandzukic in the pecking order, Rugani is playing behind the trio of Andrea Barzagli, Leonardo Bonucci and Giorgio Chiielini, and, well, there's a lot left out of the above quotes that one has to actually consider and understand the full context.

So, while he does make a couple of decent points, it's pretty obvious that he didn't look at the total picture — which isn't much of a surprise because football agents are always gonna be football agents.