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Report: Juventus confident about Domenico Berardi situation despite interest from English clubs

Claudio Villa/Getty Images

No matter what Juventus end up doing the rest of the 2015-16 season, Domenico Berardi will be a name that is talked about a lot over the next six or seven months. From the January transfer window to the one that opens up in the summer, the status around Berardi and the next club he plays for will be one of the bigger stories Italy has when it comes to player movement.

We know Juventus has a chance to buy Berardi this summer and next for a hefty yet logical chunk of change.

But as we're starting to hear about, the interest from clubs not named Juventus is there as well.

Amid the latest round of reports that the likes of Tottenham and Liverpool are interesting in signing the 21-year-old Berardi this summer for upwards of between €30 and €35 million, the Gazzetta dello Sport states that Juventus is still confident of getting a final deal done despite the big-money bids that will likely come Sassuolo's way. That's mainly because of how the Juventus and Sassuolo constructed the deal that saw the latter buy Berardi's contract out in full with the elimination of co-ownership in Italy this past summer.

Yes, the fact that Juventus has the right to buy Berardi is well known at this point. But the fact that now you have two of the richer clubs in England who have been known to spend a looooot of money whenever the summer transfer window rolls around. (And you know full well that Liverpool, in the first summer with Jurgen Klopp as its manager, will be spending tons of cash to make the club look like what he wants it to.)

Is this kind of report help us ease our fears when it comes to Juventus going through with bringing Berardi in over the summer? Well, maybe. The fact that Juventus view Berardi as a building block in the future is pretty much a given. Pavel Nedved has said it, and given the fact that they have first option to buy Berardi is another sign that the summer of 2016 could be the one where Italy's brightest young attack talent finally puts on the black and white stripes.

Even with Berardi having a meh season to date, the rumors surrounding him will always be there until his future is sorted out. Nobody truly knows when that may happen, but everything points to some kind of resolution in the summer. Let's just hope that this young star on the rise does in fact see Juventus' working relationship and previous business with Sassuolo be taken advantage of come June or July.