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Be Santa today: Who would you give Juventus as a Christmas present?

Which player would you like to see playing for the Old Lady?

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

It's Christmas morning, a magical time when miracles have been said to happen. As we are all waking from a restful slumber and racing down the stairs to the tree to see what Santa Claus has brought us, at Juventus Stadium a player stirs under the Christmas tree. The player is in Juve colors, and as he stands up and stretches, we have a new player in the squad, but who is he? Only you can decide..

"Which player would you like to find under the tree in Juventus colors on Christmas morning?"


Somebody other than Hernanes to play as a trequartista. (Personally, I'll take Isco for 500, Alex.) The options being thrown around right now aren't exactly likely, but even if somebody like Ricky Saponara was to be under the Juve tree, I'd be cool with it. Maybe Beppe has something secretive up his sleeve. That sounds like a grand gift to me.

Jose R.

Isco. He is one of those players that would bring Juventus to a whole different level. Unrealistic, I know, but maybe Marotta is felling a little generous this upcoming year.


I'd like a neatly gift wrapped Ilkay Gündogan, injury free and fully fit to sit right alongside my Claudio Marchisio & Paul Pogba stockings. With one year remaining on his contract, the crucially NOT CUP TIED German midfielder is THEEEEE perfect addition to this nearly complete Juventus side.


Marco Verratti. Hey, it's a present, right? The price tag doesn't come into discussion at Christmas. At just 23, Verratti is rapidly becoming the best holding midfielder in football. His tactical awareness, passing and positioning are simply extraordinary, making the PSG maestro a magnificent asset for the current Juventus squad.

And he's small. Verratti could actually fit in a box under any Christmas tree - easily.

Jose A.

Marco Verratti. As a child he was a Juve and Alex del Piero fan. He's only 23 and plays like a prolific veteran. Marchisio is a superb regista but I miss those long runs and his box-to-box dynamism. He'd give Juve a young foundation along Daniele Rugani, Paulo Dybala, Domenico Berardi, Paul Pogba and Alvaro Morata. Of course, Verrati is a hypothetical gift so I'm counting with those players to stay.


For me, it's got to be the midfielder Ilkay Gundogan. A dynamic player who can change the pace the game at his whim, he is available to play for Juve against Bayern Munich in the Champions League quarters. You can bet the ex- Borussia Dortmund player would relish playing against Bayern in Europe again.