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Juventus jerseys for 2016-17 season leaked?

What do you think of these?

Alessandro Del Piero
Alessandro Del Piero
Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Juventus switched shirt manufacturers from Nike to Adidas at the beginning of this 2015-16 season campaign. The new deal, which runs through till 2022, pays the Bianconeri €25 million per year, which is €10.5m more than their Nike contract.

Yesterday the internet was awash with supposedly leaked pictures of what next season's jersey were going to look like.

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The reason that there are two blue jerseys is that Juve are yet to choose which one of the pair they will adopt as the away kit, and the 'zebra' kit will be the third jersey. Here's a closer look at all the shirts.

The blue away jersey is a throwback to the golden era of the '90s, but with the yellow trim replaced by white, it's not quite the same.

And the third jersey is bound to be a polarizing one. Juventini are either going to love it, or hate it.

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Remember, these are all leaked images and could likely be the product of one fan's fervent imagination. Also, as was brought up in the FanShot version of this post, where is the silver star to mark 10 Coppa Italia trophies?

Or indeed these designs could be real in which case we better start embracing them - fino alla fine.