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Internacional insists there's nothing done regarding Alisson and a potential transfer

Friedemann Vogel/Getty Images

The first we heard of Internacional goalkeeper Alisson, it was in reference to a report that said Juventus had essentially beaten rivals Roma to the signature of the young Brazilian. Less than three weeks later, reports out of Brazil stated that Alisson was instead on his way to the Italian capital after Roma and Internacional agreed to a fee around €5 million.

So, what gives, man?

Prior to Wednesday, the only Alisson-related things we have heard about have come from the press in both Italy and Brazil. But on Wednesday, we actually heard something of true substance, courtesy of Internacional Vice President Pedro Affatato, who was speaking to globosporte.

"There's nothing concrete yet. If there had been something, I would've known about it. So far there is nothing."

(Source: Football Italia)

Well, when the vice president of a club says he really has nothing of note to say, then I guess we should believe him. The cynical side of a lot of people will say that maybe he's just trying to mask the fact that he's in negotiation with Roma, Juventus or even both. Maybe Roma are close to a deal, who knows. But the only thing on the record that we know about — and I'm not including a couple of reports from Italy and Brazil in this — is nothing is happening as of now.

So maybe Alisson will be the next goalkeeper Juventus signs. Or maybe we'll be seeing Alisson wear a Roma jersey come January or August. Who knows, really. We're just gonna have to wait around and see what happens — and probably read some more reports from Italy and Brazil along the way.