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Allegri says late Juventus mistakes must never happen again

Manager's post-match comments

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Before we get into manager Massimilano Allegri's assessment of today's game between Juventus and Carpi, you've got to see this.

That should give you some kind of idea of how this match ended, even though the result favored Juve 3-2. The Bianconeri are now three points behind Inter in second place, though the remainder of the top four all play later today. The Christmas break is upon us next, and Juve have rebounded nicely with seven wins in a row after a pretty horrendous start to the season.

On the late scare faced by Juventus, and what the result means -

"It was important to win today on a difficult field against an in-form side. The ball wasn't moving that quickly and the players did well up until the last five minutes where we made a mess of things.

"We used past experiences like the one against Frosinone to see this one through which was a very similar game to the one today where we conceded a late equalizer.

"We didn't start the game well as we were a bit all over the place. After Boriello's goal the team did good."

On what was planned for the Christmas break -

"The team is feeling good at the moment. We have to keep working hard to reach the 16th of May in the best condition possible.

"It won't take much to recharge our batteries but Carpi's miss at the end of the game serves as a reminder."

On the seven game streak and getting three points again -

"It was important to jump into second place. In modern football, games are never closed. We have to grow and start 2016 off on the right foot.

"Looking at the numbers, I could say that Juve won seven games in a row gaining points on Napoli, Roma and Fiorentina but not Inter, who are still going strong.

"We have to look at ourselves considering we're coming from behind and that why it was important to win today. It was important to win today considering the amount of points we have dropped against smaller sides. We had to go into 2016 with a win to continue our streak.

"I'll be watching Lazio-Inter later also because we have Lazio in the quarter-finals of the Coppa Italia."

On his antics at the end of the game, where he threw his coat away and kicked a water bottle -

"Thankfully I kicked it with my left foot, so that never does much damage."