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Report: Borussia Dortmund turns down Juventus' approach for İlkay Gündoğan

Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

Juventus is getting back on its feet at a time when the transfer rumors start to quickly re-join our lives. Don't look now, but the new year and the January transfer window is all of two weeks away and we're already seeing things look a lot like they did over the summer where we were smashed over the head with nothing but transfer talk.

What does that mean?

Hello, transfer rumors of new — and old — that we'll be hearing about for the next 45 days or so.

Take, say, the report by Gianluca Di Marzio as an example of exactly that.

Now that Juventus has gotten their season back on track, directors Marotta and Paratici can focus on the January transfer window. The bianconeri are looking for a midfielder, but their first attempt for Gundogan did not go well- Borussia Dortmund has no intention of selling him this January. There are no confirmations on the reports regarding Oscar, he does not have an EU passport and Juventus doesn't have a non EU slot available to sign him. Juventus is focused on finding a midfielder for Allegri's squad.

So, Juventus are reportedly interested in a midfielder, that shouldn't be much of a surprise. And knowing who Juventus is being linked to — again — that shouldn't shocked many people, either.

Knowing the source of the information, it's more than just Tuttosport throwing names to the wall and seeing if they stick. I'll take GDM or Tuttosport most days of the week regardless of the rumor. But to think that Juventus isn't interested in possibly signing a midfielder is probably a good thought. If there's one position on the field where injuries has absolutely killed Juventus this season, it's been in the midfield. Maybe the interest in Gundogan is completely genuine, or maybe they're just checking in to see what's up. But Juve wouldn't hurt themselves — no pun intended there, I promise — if they added another central midfielder knowing that they will be competing on all three possible fronts come the beginning of the new year and into February at the very minimum.