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Reports: Juventus aim to sign Domenico Berardi over the summer

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

This shouldn't be a surprise to anybody. We've been following this Domenico Berardi-Juventus-Sassuolo dalliance for the better part of the last three years ever since the über-talented Italian was signed on co-ownership back in 2013. He has yet to even play a game for Juventus, but everybody with any semblance of black and white in the blood is eagerly awaiting the day Berardi does just that.

Rumors have flown around that Juve might sign him in January. Now, rumors are back saying that Juventus will try with all of its might to bring Berardi to seven months from now in the summer — which, again, isn't all to surprising.

We've been through this song and dance before. And until Berardi actually wears bianconero for the first time, they will continue to be that. Thursday's reports are courtesy of Tuttosport and the Gazzetta dello Sport — which aren't exactly the most reliable, yet they're pretty much saying the same exact thing.

Are these reports different than those in the past?

Well, that's for all of us to be the judges of. Berardi-to-Juventus talk will only intensify as we get closer and closer to the summer transfer window. Tuttosport says the price to bring Berardi to Juventus is €22 million, a figure that is €3 million less than what Sassuolo President Lorenzo Squinzi said it would cost Juve back at the beginning of October.

But, as we reacquaint ourselves with those Squinzi quotes, we realize that, yes, Juventus does have an option to buy Berardi in the summer of 2016. If it's €22 million or €25 million, the price isn't so drastic to make Juve think one way or another. Juventus' front office have crafted this Berardi deal — at least the part where he was sold outright to Sassuolo with the ousting of co-ownership over the summer — just like it was when Simone Zaza going from one club to another.

I'd be cool with Berardi joining Juventus for €22 million. I'd be cool with Berardi joining Juventus for €25 million. (Cue the "IT AIN'T MY MONEY!" jokes being put in right here.)

So that Dybala-Morata-Berardi trident ... we can dream about it, right? Who knows, maybe it will be something in reality rather than just an occurrence whenever we fire up FIFA16.