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OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Álvaro Morata extends Juventus contract through 2020

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

These times aren't exactly going well for Álvaro Morata. His rich vein of goal-scoring form has dried up, with his misses in front of goal are becoming all that more noticeable as a result. We know that Morata has gotten it done on the big stage before, playing a key role in Juventus' run to the Champions League final last season, but it's a far cry from that form these days.

So, what's the best thing to do when a player's down and to show him the club has plenty of faith in him no matter what kind of form he is in? I would say extending his contract another year is one of the biggest votes of confidence a player — especially a young one like Morata — could get from the club he plays for.

That's the case for Juventus and Morata on Thursday, as the club announced the 23-year-old Spaniard has added another year — and probably a few more bucks in his bank account — onto his current deal that was set to expire when the 2018-19 season came to a close.

In case you were one of the people to click on the link in the tweet above, you will notice that Juventus' statement about the contract extension was almost as short as what they posted on Twitter. No talk of buy-back clauses or counter buy-back clauses or anything like that. It was simply "Here's the contract extension announcement, that's it, folks." Juventus announced the new deal with Morata, dropped the mic and then went about their usual business.

According to media outlets in both Italy and Spain, the buy-back clause is still expected to be there within the language of the original agreement that went down in the summer of 2014 — which isn't all that surprising. But knowing that Morata has struggled this year and the fact that Real Madrid would have to shell out €32 million and with a higher salary than he just got to bring him back to Spain, would they? Who knows.

This is a clear statement to Real of how Juve believes Morata can be a key player going forward. If they didn't think so, there would be no contract extension, no raise in salary, none of it. Those rumors of a return to Spain can continue, but it looks as thought there's only one club Morata wants to play for these days...

That's the spirit, my friend. (I wish Álvaro Morata was my friend.)