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Guess what? The Ezequiel Lavezzi-to-Juventus rumors are back in our lives

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

It's become a relatively familiar train that arrives every couple of months over the course of the past couple of years. We hear about it for a little bit, then it goes away ... only to return again when the next transfer window is just a few weeks away from opening its doors to all the madness that comes with it once again.

Juventus has reportedly been interested in current Paris Saint-Germain and former Napoli winger Ezequiel Lavezzi for a long time going now. How much of it is actually stone-cold fact and/or the Italian media going back to the same old transfer name as they have in the past — which they tend to do from time to time — is anybody's guess from afar. But, even if we like it or not, Lavezzi-to-Juventus rumors are back. And here's the proof.

This comes off the back of a Gianluca Di Marzio report on Tuesday night — yes, the same time as they were playing Borussia Monchengladbach in the Champions League — that Juventus met with Lavezzi's representatives once again.

As both articles have been centered around, the wages are the key (potential) stumbling block. Lavezzi is making a whole lot of cash these days, as do a lot of players who have signed with PSG the last four or five years. Is that reported three-year, €4 million contract he's reportedly demanding a bit too much? Yeah, I think so. That would put a guy, who is six months away from being 31 years old, as one of the higher paid players on the Juventus roster.

Even though we don't know to what extent Juventus' actual interest in Lavezzi is, one thing is for certain — this isn't the last of the chatter regarding around a potential move for the the 30-year-old Argentine. We know the Italian media won't deprive us of such things to occupy or minds even when Juventus are playing games.