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Max Allegri insists on looking for positives after fortunate Juventus draw

Juventus hang on for a nervy point in Germany. This is what Max Allegri had to say afterward.

Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

Juventus manager Massimiliano Allegri is looking at the silver lining instead of dwelling on the clouds. The Bianconeri were lucky to come away from Borussia Moenchengladbach with a point after they had been on the back foot all game long, even before Hernanes' needless challenge resulted in a red card and left the Italian team with a man short and over half an hour to play.

"Before criticising individuals or going on about the new players and the old guard, I think it is better to talk about the team.

"We started out well, then allowed 10 minutes where we ran risks and conceded the goal. After the break we again started well, the game seemed to be on track, but the Hernanes red card penalised us.

"We had the feeling that the game was in hand and we could win, but the dismissal changed the match and considering the circumstances it went well.

"It's not right to always look at the negative when it comes to Juventus. Look at the positive, we have eight points and are very close to qualification with two games to spare. That's not nothing. At the start of the group, we would've been happy to be in this position.

"It was a positive night, considering the circumstances."

In a season littered with silly mistakes, it was another one from veteran defender Giorgio Chiellini allowed Gladbach to take the lead.

"We have to grow in terms of character, but above all in terms of technique. We cannot struggle at the first pressure from our opponents. If we can't play it forward, at least try not to take risks and keep calm.

"I don't believe that the old guard are unmotivated, but we do need to get 10 players integrated and there have been a lot of injuries.

"There is a ball and we have to play football well. We have to read the situations and in some cases we've got that wrong.

"There's work to do, but we did start well tonight. We have to grow as a collective and at the moment the lack of results create apprehension. After the goal and up until the Hernanes red card, the team played very well.

"The referee interpreted the tackles his way and I cannot say any more than that. We have to improve, because if Juventus want to be a great team in Europe, then grit is not enough. We have to play good football."

Allegri even had an opinion on striker Alvaro Morata's socks faux pas -

"I can say that I am very angry about one thing, which is that we spent three minutes with 10 men while someone had to change his socks.

"There are rules, the strip has to be uniform. We ultimately must learn that this is not a fashion show, we're here to play football."

On what he feels needs the most work -

"Our character as a team must grow but we must also improve in a technical sense. We shouldn't struggle on the sign of pressure from the opposition.

"If we are not able to keep the ball, we should play it long into our strikers, at the very least. I don't think that the veterans lack motivation but we had to integrate ten new players into the team in addition to our injuries.

"I think that the team still has to grow and stop being overcome by nerves. There's only one ball and we have to play good. We have to read certain situations better."

When asked about why Juventus keep having to come from behind -

"We have to keep working but tonight we started off the game nicely.

"We have to grow collectively, as a team. When the results don't come, the tension grows.

"After the goal, the team played well until Hernanes' red card. The opposition could cause problems but we couldn't risk anything."

He ended the interview with some comments about star player Paul Pogba -

"He's growing, in the beginning we lost three or four key balls. "

Tonight, he put in an important performance but he still has to improve. He needs to read certain moments of the game better."