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Paul Pogba is not leaving Juventus in January, says his agent

Mino Raiola speaks. We no our head in agreement.

Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

By now, it doesn't matter what Paul Pogba says about what his future may be in Turin, there will be rumors about him leaving Juventus whenever the next transfer window opens. And let's face it, the rumors are never going to die down until the day arrives where Pogba is holding up another club's jersey at his introductory press conference. That's just the world that having one of the best young players in Europe means.

So here, on Friday, Nov. 27, 2015, we're hearing — again — that Pogba isn't going anywhere, courtesy of his agent Mino Raiola.

"Pogba is no longer a surprise. He's not a youngster just being discovered. A player with his talent is known to everybody. There have been offers for him, and they're still there.

"Last summer he decided to stay another year at Juve, and he kept his word. We're not preoccupied with thoughts of his future, we're thinking about that.

"Paul is a lad who decides with his heart, and at the moment he's focused on Juventus. I can categorically rule out a move in January.

"In the future we'll see, we'll talk at the end of July."

(Source: Football Italia)

I like to think when somebody uses a 13-letter word like 'categorically,' then they're pretty much as serious as serious gets when it comes to talking about their respective topic at the time.

There's also this remind yourself about why Pogba won't be leaving: Juventus just qualified for the knockout stages of the Champions League. So, basically, selling one of your best players — who just so happens to be getting back in good form — would probably be a direct declaration that they have no interest in advancing further. (Which, after how far they went last season, is pretty much the complete opposite of what they want to have happen.)

And when Raiola says they'll talk at the end of July, that's no surprise, either. By then, the European Championship will be over and Pogba's value will likely be out of this world if he plays well for France. So if he were to leave, the weeks after the 2016 Euros makes a lot of sense. It wouldn't just be because of all the financial reasons, but also because it would give Juve plenty of time to go out and spend the cash the just added to their bank account.

It's not like Juve do big, roster-shaking moves in January, either. So, along with Mino's word and some handy logic, pretty much told us what we could have all guessed. Yep, Juve's new No. 10 isn't leaving — for now, at least.