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Juventus midfielder Sami Khedira to miss trip to Borussia Monchengladbach due to injury

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

It took Sami Khedira less than one half of play in his first Juventus appearance to pick up an injury. For a guy who had just returned from a major injury and had the desire to shed the 'injury-prone' label, it was pretty much the exact opposite of what a good first impression was. Khedira was out for the next two months — again, not getting rid of that injury-prone history that he brought with him to Turin.

But after coming back from his first Juventus injury, Khedira has picked up another. "Can't  the guy catch any kind of break?" you ask yourself. Apparently the world is just out to prove that when it comes to the Juventus squad staying healthy this season, we just can't have nice things.

We knew this news was coming after Khedira had to be replaced by Juan Cuadrado early in Saturday's 2-1 win over Torino in the Derby della Mole. The one thing is that we didn't know the severity of the injury itself. After a few hours of medical tests 48 hours after the fact, we've come to find out just how long Juventus will be without their No. 6 in the center of the midfield. From Juve's official website:

Sami Khedira underwent medical tests on Monday in Vinovo, which revealed a slight muscular strain but ruled out any tear.

The midfielder will therefore miss out on the Champions League trip to Germany and his condition will be monitored over the coming days.

I'll point out there was a slight sigh of relief after reading the short medical update when I saw it in the morning. I'll take Khedira missing one game — albeit a quite important Champions League game — over the potential of him missing one or two months. When you saw him laying on the Juventus Stadium turf on Saturday, the "Here we go again..." thoughts had to be racing through your mind. They were certainly racing through mine, that's for sure.

So, as much as Juventus will likely miss Khedira against Borussia Monchengladbach, if he's back training in the next couple of days, it's fine by me. It could have been a lot worse because we've been essentially trained to think bad things when it comes to Juventus players and injuries. But when you see any kind of tear being ruled out by the Juventus medical staff, that's something to be happy about. Yes, even if it means no Champions League football for Sami Khedira this week.