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Stephan Lichtsteiner taken off "as a precaution" in Switzerland's win over Austria

Dammit. Dammit all to hell.

Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

We don't know the severity of this, and likely won't be informed of it until Stephan Lichtsteiner undergoes tests in Turin within the next day or two. But when somebody comes off the field in the 18th minute of any kind of game, your thoughts aren't exactly swaying toward the most pleasant of variety.

This is what we know is for certain: Lichtsteiner had to be taken off the field during Switzerland's 2-1 win over Austria on Tuesday night due to some kind of muscular injury. Shortly thereafter, the official Swiss national team Twitter account told us this important injury update:

Google translate tells me that lsat part is basically saying that Lichtsteiner was taken out of the game "as a precaution." Lichtsteiner has since confirmed on his personal Facebook page that is was a precautionary measure rather than because some kind of muscle in his leg just exploded. What that means for his status against Milan over the weekend — and subsequently a few days later against Manchester City in the Champions League — we don't know just yet.

Even though we don't know what Lichtsteiner's status will be for this weekend until Wednesday at the very earliest, I guess we can hang our hat on the fact that this injury has nothing to do with his heart. I know for a fact that I wasn't the only one wondering how a guy like Lichtsteiner, who is a the human representation of a tank on the right wing, would respond after his heart procedure.

Luckily, I guess you could say, it doesn't involve any kind of heart-related muscles. Leg muscles, not heart muscles.

Here's your latest reminder of two things:

  • International breaks are stupid.
  • Any kind of injury to a Juventus player is stupid.
  • Juventus players getting injured on international break? Also stupid.

Yep, both are true. Feel better soon, Stephan.