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Report: Juventus planning contract extension for Patrice Evra

Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Patrice Evra was always going to be more short-term fit more than long-term solution. That's not because of him being a bad footballer — because he clearly isn't and continues to prove that — but simply due to the fact that when he signed with Juventus in 2014, he was set to enter his mid-30s.

By the time this season comes to an end, Evra will have turned 35 years old. The tread on the tires isn't so plentiful as it was during his outstanding career at Manchester United. But even with that very important detail, that reportedly isn't stopping Juventus from thinking that Evra could be a part of this Juventus team post-summer of 2016.

According to's transfer pundit Fabrizio Romano, Juventus' are already planning Evra's contract extension with the club as Giuseppe Marotta and Fabio Paratici should met the player's entourage at the beginning of December in order to start negotiations. The Turin club should offer Evra a one-year contract extension with a second year extension option.

The 34-year-old is still not sure whether to continue his professional at the Juventus Stadium or not.

Despite his age, the Frenchman would like to join a club in which he can feature as one of the centrepieces for the last two or three seasons of his playing career.


I'm totally cool with Evra being a part of the Juventus squad for another year or two based on how he's played since he signed with Juventus two summers ago. However, I would think the 'centerpiece' part is the key thing to this little piece of information we've been informed of. Juventus didn't just spend €26 million on Alex Sandro to have him sit on the bench more of than not going forward. And Alex Sandro certainly didn't join Juve for the same kind of thing to happen. Not when you're on the brink of the ultra-competitive Brazil squad entering your mid-20s.

So, if Evra does sign a one-year contract extension, what does that mean for both of Juve's left backs? It's obviously a "wait and see what happens" kind of deal, but it's a unique situation without a doubt. Evra is the short-term option. Sandro is the long-term option that has played relatively well in his handful of appearances so far this season.

But having cover at a position like left back is never a bad thing. Hey, maybe this whole 'centerpiece' thing is a bunch of hooey and Evra wants to stay no matter what his role would be next season. How influential on all fronts he has been since joining Juventus a year and a half ago, keeping Evra around in any kind of capacity will be a good thing. He's proven to be that important in just a short amount of time.

Plus the dude has some fantastic swag to his game. I mean, come on.