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Paul Pogba sprained his right ankle, but should be ready to face Inter Milan next weekend

Hey, an injury! Fancy that happening this season!

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Once the reports from France started coming about regarding his injury while on international duty this week, we figured Paul Pogba was at risk of missing some amount of time. We just had to wait and see what the official word was once he made his way back to Turin after withdrawing from the France squad two days ago.

Courtesy of Juventus' website, we have said diagnosis:

Paul Pogba has returned to Vinovo after withdrawing from France's national squad with a sprained right ankle.

The player was visited by the club's medical staff, who confirmed the diagnosis made by their French counterparts.

He is expected to be able to return to action in seven days' time.

Short, to the point, and depending on how you feel about Pogba's form these days, some pretty decent news considering the luck Juventus have had with injuries this season.

The 'seven days' time' diagnosis pretty much translates to Pogba being ready for next weekend's trip to the San Siro to face Inter Milan in the Derby d'Italia. Of course, regardless of the timetable established, that is a race against time knowing that we're basically eight days' time out from the first derby of the season, but I'm just pointing out the details of it all.

Either way, this injury isn't too serious or else Pogba would be out for much longer and then the collective freakout mode would be ratcheted up a few points on the 1-10 scale. And even if we're forced to wait to see Juventus' midfield finally — yes, FINALLY — at full strength, at least it will be happening during an important part of this early season. There's not just the derby next weekend, there's Champions League football shortly thereafter as well as plenty more chances to get back into the top third of the table and make everybody forget about this wretched start to the Serie A campaign.

So, rest up during your seven days away from the group, Paul Pogba. Don't make it eight or nine days. I think I speak for many folks who would like to see you do good things against Inter. And then some good things against Borussia Mönchengladbach. Say that three times fast.