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Pavel Nedved says that striker Álvaro Morata isn't leaving Juventus for Real Madrid

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

The joke among many Juventini over the past month or so is that whenever Álvaro Morata does something good, something that only continues to make his star rise, it will result in Real Madrid's interest in bringing him back grow exponentially. Morata scores a goal against Manchester City, he's linked with a move back to Madrid. Morata scores a goal against Sevilla, back to Real Madrid he goes come the beginning on next summer.

This is the problem — or annoying thing, if you want to put it that way — with a buy-back clause worked into Morata's deal with Juventus come the summer of 2016. There will always be that lingering possibility of something happening, regardless of what we think the odds of Morata going back to Real Madrid actually are. And until there's an official resolution of the matter (or whatever you want to call it), there will be chatter about Morata's future because that's pretty much how things are these days.

But Pavel Nedved has something to say about those pesky Real Madrid return rumors. Oh, does he have something to say about those rumors, alright.

"[Morata's] our player and I can only see him staying at Juve," Nedved said. "He's a great player and I still think he's only reached around 60 percent of his potential.

(Source: ESPNFC)

I'm sure this wasn't the case, but I can see Nedved hitting a couple of drives at the range, turning around and claim "HE'S OURS, YOU FOOLS!" and then hitting the snot out of a couple more shots before heading out to the first tee.

The reality is Nedved was probably very polite while talking to the press. He is a gentleman, after all.

But the fact remains that Nedved is pretty much telling us what we already know. Juventus want to keep Morata, and it doesn't really matter what Florentino Perez will say whenever he opens his mouth and speaks to the Spanish press regarding the 22-year-old Spaniard. And as we know, the Spanish press will eat all of that in droves. That's what happens when Perez speaks. It's news no matter what he says, what we or anybody else thinks.

Or maybe we can just see what Morata, who has said from the beginning that he is only thinking about his current situation at Juventus, thinks about what Nedved had to say...

Morata deal with it

I'm glad we're of the same opinion, Álvaro. I personally hope you replicate the same kind of goal celebration — sans Fernando Llorente, of course — if you are to find the back of the net against for the second straight game against Inter at the San Siro. Man, I wish somebody throws down glasses from the stands once again. That would be wonderful.