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VOTD: Learn about Paulo Dybala's past, what he wants to do in the present and future

It's the international break and we're struggling for any kind of Juventus-related things to do. So why not watch a 25-minute documentary about one of their best players?

Even as Juventus has struggled to find any kind of consistent form this season, big-money summer signing Paulo Dybala has been one of the brightest standouts thus far. It's an easy one, too. It makes perfect sense considering his nickname, 'La Joya,' is all about shiny jewels if you were do some Spanish-to-English translating.

Above, the video, a documentary about the life of Dybala, goes by the same name. It's not some YouTube highlight video with questionable music that we sometimes post on this corner of the SBN blog family. No, no. It's much more than just Dybala scoring goals and then celebrating while some Indie Pop song annoys the crap out of you in the background.

This is, essentially, is a story of Dybala's past and is concluded with some recognizable names talking about his future. We know about his playing career, but do we know about how he got to that point? Like, say, did you know before you watched this video that Dybala had two brothers and they both tried to be professional footballers themselves? Or the fact that Dybala had any kind of Polish roots whatsoever? Or that he's incredibly good looking?

Okay, that last one has well known. But I guess we're spending the international break educating ourselves. That's not so bad, methinks.

We also get to see Dybala go through a variety of activities during the course of the documentary. Like, for instance, mocking a friend of his while they play a game of FIFA feating Argentina vs. Poland. Hint: Dybala was winning.

Dybala FIFA

That's a fantastic picture in every single way. Paulo Dybala makes defenders break their ankles on the actual field of play, then he mocks his friends like he just made them cry while they play video games.

Or, if you want to see something other than the 21-year-old Juve striker taunting his friends while he beats them on FIFA, here's Dybala showing off his collection of jerseys that he collected during his final year with Palermo last season. You might recognize a large portion of the names when you watch the video. It's a pretty impressive collection with a very understandable Argentinian influence because, well, why wouldn't it be. He also snagged a shirt from the captain of his current club...

Dybala Buffon

I mean, the guy has a point there. Maybe we should forward this onto the actual FIFA seeing how they just so happened to leave San Gigi off their initial Ballon d'Or list. (Those jerks.)

And I'll leave you with Dybala sitting down and talking on Skype with some of his family members in Poland, which brings things full circle after what we heard about in the first couple minutes of the video.

Dybala Skype

Dybala Vodka

Okay, so maybe a swill or two of Vodka isn't necessarily in young Paulo's future. But hey, he left the door open for it — even if that look on his face might not suggest it. (Also, credit the YouTube translation service for turning "Poland" into "the Polish." Quality.)

The meaning of all this, though? It's always nice when we get to see the human side of these players we watch from all corners of the earth mainly because it's not available to us very often outside of Claudio Marchisio's Instagram feed, which is wonderful. About 95 percent of the exposure we get to these players is when they step onto the field, with pretty much the rest of the small percentage of it being through interviews in the media or on social media.

Just make sure you document that first trip down Vodka Road, Paulo. We're gonna need to see if that face makes another appearance.