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Juventus loanee Federico Mattielo breaks his leg for a second time

Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Even when they're not playing at Juventus during the current season, they're bound to get injured. This is the reality we are being forced to deal with right now. It doesn't matter if they're officially on the senior squad roster or just on the books because they're out on loan, nobody is safe. Absolutely nobody.

And why does it have to be Federico Mattiello? Why oh why does it have to be Federico Mattiello?

Mattiello, who is spending his first-full season on loan at Chievo this year, has broken the same leg that he hurt earlier in the calendar year when he was tackled in the game against Roma. It was initially thought that the 20-year-old Italian, a member of the Azzurrini, "only" sprained his ankle. But, upon further review, the diagnosis for young Federico is much, much worse than that.

From the Chievo official website:

A.C. ChievoVerona announces that Federico Mattiello suffered a compound fracture in his right tibia after twisting his ankle. He broke his right leg earlier this year.

Chairman Luca Campedelli, Sports Director Luca Nember, Coach Rolando Maran and everyone at ChievoVerona wish him a speedy recovery.

Mattiello, who missed the start of the season because he was still recuperating from his first broken leg, had just played a full 90 minutes for the first time since said injury occurred. in Chievo's 3-2 loss to Genoa this past weekend. He recorded an assist, too, as he got the start at right back for Chievo.

But now, instead of building off a good performance for a club that obviously believes in him, it's pretty clear what Mattiello's future holds. It's the same kind of rehab that he went through earlier this year, something that certainly wasn't easy the first time around, let alone a second round within the span of about seven months or so.

Via Twitter, Juventus sent out well wishes to one of their most recent primavera graduates.

Amen to that. Get well, Federico. And may you drink lots of milk to build strong bones in the future.