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Do you want to become a writer for Black & White & Read All Over?


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In the world of retail, they look to add staff for the busy part of the year — the holiday season. When it comes to writing about Juventus, the "busy season" is pretty much a 12-month process that only seems to calm down during a select few weeks worth of international breaks.

Translation: The responsibilities of maintaining this corner of the internet never really ends. Always something to do, always something to write about.

As many of you loyal folks from years back have noticed, this here blog has been doing some growing in the last 12 months or so. Many new people have joined, the number of comments have gone up because of it and the responsibilities that come with continuing said growth become larger and larger by the week and/or month. Yeah, BWRAO is growing, just like Juan Cuadrado's wonderful afro.

What are we looking for? Glad you asked.

Who should apply?

People who consider themselves Juventus fans, for one. If you hate Juventus and want to write bad things about them, maybe another blog is the right place for you. Who might this person be?

  • A current or aspiring writer/journalist/wordsmith who loves them some Juventus.
  • Somebody who write clear and quality English-language articles.
  • Somebody who has time to contribute consistently and be able to communicate with their peers. BWRAO has a lot of moving parts, so staying in the loop is pretty dang important.
  • An internet nerd who worships at the alter of WhoScored nerd stats. (Maybe.)

As some of you know, I started as a commenter on the old Offside, then worked my way up through the chain of command to where I am at right now. I'm not leaving, so that doesn't mean you're gunning for my job, but it's always nice to have some additional help around here. And while this might not be a paid gig right off the bat, there is the potential that it could change in due time.

What might BWRAO need help with?

  • Expanding the empire!
  • Breaking news. As we have noticed about this Juventus season, there's plenty of things happening on non-game days — injuries, contract stuff, interesting interviews, etc. etc. Seeing as where some of us live, it's tough to get to it in a timely manner unless we stay up in the wee hours of the morning. (Side note: Sleep is good, and we should all get more of it.)
  • Match recaps. When you've got games happening every three or four days, it's not exactly the easiest thing to keep track of. The more folks to help out, the easier it is to spread the responsibility.
  • Transfer rumors. Why? Because they're always here to hang over our heads.
  • Opinion articles. We all have opinions about Juventus, and this is a way to share them with others.
  • Tactical analysis.
  • Essentially, anything and everything.

Basically, in fewer words than above, I want BWRAO to continue to grow and continue to be the fun and interesting place it has been for years prior. Not only adding to the writing staff means we have more things to talk about, but there will be more to discuss and more to get into. We've got a good thing going here, folks, and I don't want to get away from that. So, why not continue to keep the forward progress going?